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Innovative Electrical Steel Product Range

Discover ESPIPL’s premium Electrical Steel lineup, featuring advanced Grain-Oriented and Non-Oriented sheets, engineered to redefine electrical applications across India with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

CRGO Transformer Laminations

Custom-crafted up to 50 MVA, ensuring peak efficiency and precision across conventional and HIB grades.

Assembled Transformer Cores

Catering up to 10 MVA with unmatched performance, the foundation of exceptional transformers.

Core Coil Assemblies

Up to 5 MVA, seamlessly integrated for superior energy transfer.

Traction Transformer Laminations & Built-up Cores

These are tailored for the transportation sector and ensure reliability on the move.

Toroidal Cores

From compact to 1100mm OD, embodying efficiency in every dimension.

Uni & Duo Wound Cores

Offering versatile options for various applications, embodying adaptability and excellence.

Transformer Bushing CTs

These are designed for high-voltage applications, with Cast Resin and Tape wound up to 765 KV Class.

Cast Resin & Oil Could CT-PT

Blending durability with performance, up to 33 KV.


Transformer manufacturer specializes in creating devices that adjust electrical voltage.

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