ESPI Infrastructure

Robust Infrastructure at ESPIPL

At ESPIPL, our expansive 160,000 sq. ft. facility represents the cutting edge of technology in the energy sector. With a robust infrastructure equipped with CNC Slitting Lines, Power Presses, Shearing Machines, Annealing Furnaces, and EOT Cranes, we achieve an impressive annual production capacity of 10,000 MT for Transformer Laminations and 1,000 MT for Toroidal Cores.

Our facility not only empowers us to maintain high productivity but also guarantees precision in every piece we manufacture, ensuring each product meets stringent quality standards. This advanced manufacturing environment allows us to handle large-scale projects and complex custom orders efficiently, making us a preferred partner in the electrical steel industry.

By continually upgrading our technology and processes, ESPIPL reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence, driving forward with solutions that lead the market in both sustainability and performance.

Enhanced Machinery Resources at ESPIPL

Annual Production Capacity of 10,000 MT

Transformer Laminations and Toroidal Cores for 1000 MT

1000MM Capacity CNC Slitting Line SDRI China make.

England type Indian Make Slitting Line up to 1300mm cap.

600 mm CNC Cut to Length Line Georg make.

300mm CNC Cut to Length Line China make.

350mm CNC Cut to length line Georg make.

Measuring Instruments with standard Tool Room & Testing Lab for Quality Assurance.

Power Presses and Shearing Machines.

Continuous 3 Zone Roller Type Hearth Annealing Furnace.

10 M/T EOT Crane & 3 M/T EOT Crane.

Toroidal Core Winding Machines.

Pit type Annealing Furnaces for Toroidal cores.

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